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Story: STOP-N-DROP skill cranes were developed over many years of testing. This simple
concept combined with desirable prizes makes the game profitable over long periods of time.

Theory: The Tri-Bob TM (A Plum Bob with three screw arms) is lowered toward a tube
containing cards. If the Tri-Bob TM enters the tube the player is a winner.

Concept: Either the crane movement cycles, the carousel of tubes rotates, or both.
The object is to stop one or both, drop the Tri-Bob TM into a tube with the correct positioning and
timing. The game is profitable, simple, reliable and the “almost winning” is exciting.

Mechanism: Single unit, two screw removal, 12 VDC, no switches, simple & reliable.

Difficulty: The longer the arms on the Tri-Bob TM the more difficult. Short is easy!
The distance between the Tri-Bob TM and the tube sets the win percentage.

Prize: Winners get a Valu-Card, Redemption Card, Gift Card, Post Card or something
of value. The card can be for an item in the store. Therefor, every winner buys something.

Legality: If the Tri-Bob TM fits inside the tube . . . The game is legal.


US Patent #8,070,167